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I Am

Jesse Armour

Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, environmental activist, and mental health advocate. As a creative freelancer, I have done a little bit of everything. Photojournalist, portrait and product photographer, logo designer, branding designer, web master, developer, UX designer, and everything in between. As an activist, I promote the stewardship and care of this earth through photography, and believe in normalizing mental health care and providing solidarity through my personal artwork and designs.

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Design Philosophy

Is that design should be used for the good of all. Art is a powerful tool, and should be respected as such. To that end, I believe that:

  • Art should be used to promote just causes and never be used to belittle others.
  • Design should uplift and promote others who strive to change this world for the better.
  • Art should never be used to mislead others for profit.
  • Highly manipulated images should never be presented as the truth. (Photography should be honest and not over manipulated.)
  • Accessibility should be the standard for design and functionality.