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Our company has built relationships with dealerships across the country that offer financing options for people who have gone through a bankruptcy or have damaged credit.

Simply stated, we will connect you with the RIGHT dealership near you that WILL WORK TO EARN YOUR BUSINESS.

Our program is designed to save your TIME and MONEY. We’ve done the research… so you don’t have to. You can obtain pre-qualification for an auto loan with our online application or by phone within a mater of minutes. We will put you in contact with a local loan processor that specializes in competitive lending for all types of credit.

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Apply Now! Regardless your credit situation, we can help you obtain an auto, No Hassle. No Guessing. We will submit your loan application to a finance manager in your area & you will be contacted shortly!


Why should I use your service?

Since we are not a car dealer we can answer your questions without bias. And, we have done the research for you. We carefully select dealerships based on who has the best finance options for various credit situations, including bankruptcies. We will connect you with a finance department that will save you time and money. You can avoid the hassle of going to the wrong dealership.

I already have a vehicle I'm paying on, Why would I get another one?

If you included your vehicle in bankruptcy, most likely your payments are no longer being reported and are not helping your credit. You may still be able to obtain a newer vehicle or lower interest rate than the one you currently have.

I've been turned down before, how is your program different?

There are many factors for why someone may get turned down for an auto loan. More often than not, it’s due to starting with the wrong finance department or dealership that doesn’t work with damaged credit or bankruptcies. Since we have gone through a screening process, we only work with dealerships that specialize in getting people approved after a bankruptcy or with recently damaged credit. They will work on your behalf to find a solution that will work for your situation.

I just got out of bankruptcy, shouldn't I be avoiding debt?

It is important to remember that not all debt is bad debt. And in this day and age, most people need and use credit on a daily basis. Obtaining a new auto loan that reports timely payments can improve your credit score dramatically within the first year alone. It is good to be cautious when making financial decisions regarding new debt, but you don’t need to be afraid of it. You can make wise credit choices that will help rebuild your credit today.

What does pre-qualified mean?

When we gather your information for the prequalification process, we are gathering a basic application for the finance manager to review. We make a best effort to make sure that you meet their minimum lending requirements so you have the best opportunity of getting approved. Getting prequalified helps jumpstart the process and will save you time.

My car loan is paid off, why should I get into a new car loan?

If you weren’t in the market for a car before today, it is important to realize that a new auto loan can increase your credit score significantly in the first year alone. The longer you wait to reestablish your credit, the longer it will take to secure better finance options down the road.