Saving Today Logo and Album Cover

Saving Today was a Pop-Punk band in Arizona. They were on their way to releasing their first album and needed an album cover and a solid logo to use permanently. Their main goal was to create a recognizable brand and establish themselves as being professional musicians and leave the ameture space. This new branding would need to have a standalone logo, and an album cover to match the new branding style. The Pop-Punk scene at the time was using designs that were colorful and thematic. Most bands built their branding around a specific style and stuck with it. Knowing this, we settled on a comic book and superhero inspired theme, and from there I chose some bright contrasting colors that I thought would compliment the fast and upbeat style of their music. The first image shows the final logo, mixing a Superman aesthetic with their punk roots.

This image shows the final logo for the band. It is a diamond shaped logo, with a blue background and a fist reaching towards the sky. In the foreground, the letters S.T. sit in bright orange, representing the name of the band, Saving Today.

For the album cover, I ran with the superhero idea, imagining the new logo landing and leaving an impact just like a strong superhero would. I kept up the punk feel with the gritty texture of the background and paint-style border. I kept the contrasting colors in the front cover text to really make the words stand out against the texture of the background. All these elements combined to create the superhero-punk look I envisioned.

The logo and album were then formatted to fit the different types of media the band planned on publishing their album on. This included CDs in jewel cases, vinyl records, and online streaming services.