Synergy Wellness Site Transfer

For this project, the client wanted to switch platforms from Wordpress to Squarespace. This required fully rebuilding the site on the Squarespace platform and creating custom styles, blocks, and programming to mimic the form and function of the old site.

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A full page screenshot of the websites homepage.
A full page screenshot of the websites informational page template.
The original site featured a sideabar that needed to be recreated in Squarespace. To do this, the sidebar was set up in the Squarespace editor, and then the custom HTML was added to the blocks using javascript and jQuery. This custom HTML enabled the use of CSS to recreate the custom sidebar. Using javascript and jQuery, HTML was programmed into each of the informational pages to create a template that can be re-used for future pages.
A full page screenshot of the websites custom form.
The old site also included a custom form which was recreated and styled by combining the Squarespace editor and CSS code. To enable many of the custom styles and functions in Squarespace, I needed to use creative coding methods to recreate some of the features that are impossible to create otherwise.