Village Gardens

Village Gardens is a Portland nonprofit that runs community programs related to growing and selling fresh produce and prepared foods. They have a garden, orchard, and market where they sell fresh food to the neighborhood. For this project, I worked with another designer, Alyssa Green, to redesign the organization's website and implement some updated features. The requirements were that the site needed to stay on their existing Squarespace platform, and have template pieces that could be used for new pages in the future. Alyssa designed the new site's layout, style and user experience while I developed and updated the code for the site. I used custom Squarespace fields and created new layouts using Squarespace's proprietary code in order to create seamless templates for the site. By using Squarespace's development features and code language I was able to make a site that matched Alyssa's design, and was easy for the organization to update and add to in the future.

Click here to see the live site

A full page screenshot of the websites homepage.
A full page screenshot of the websites mobile homepage.
Keeping the organization's website on Squarespace made it possible to easily create mobile versions of each page and keep the site future proof. The website can be updated using the new templates without the organization needing to implement any code or do any other maintenance.