321 Drive

321 Drive is a website made to help people with bad financial history find auto loan servicers near them that can help them despite their credit history. The site was originally a one page site and a form built on wordpress. The client wanted the website to be re-made in an HTML format so their back-end databases could be upgraded and managed more efficiently. I started by recreating the home page from scratch, and updating the design as needed to enhance user experience. From there, I completely redesigned and restructured the form page, and created some PHP to submit contact requests from the home page. As the project went on, I was asked to create two additional pages for the website, and so I designed them myself in the same style as the initial home page. The final site contains three main pages, a contact form which uses PHP, and a multi-phase dynamic form.

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A screenshot of the 321 drive homepage.
A screenshot of the 321 drive form.
The new form was redesigned with user experience in mind, and so I made it as easy to use and as intuitive as possible. A requirement of the form was to make it dynamic based on the user's inputs. To implement this I programmed the fields using javascript and jQuery as well as making use of regex codes to ensure proper input from users. The form uses javascript validation and is coded to make the back end developers job as easy as possible to implement the form.
A screenshot of the 321 drive additional pages.
The newly added pages needed to have a design that matched the home page well, and so I made use of similar iconography as well as and colors and layout ques to make the new pages blend seamlessly with the site. The client also requested that the design of the site be re-usable as a template for other sites in the future. To do this, I made it easy to swap out content like photos, text, and the logo with very minimal CSS tweaks. I also made use of CSS variables for the font, text formatting and colors so they could be easily changed to a new theme instantly.